Sunshine Gospel Ministries

Serving Chicago families since 1905

Our Mission & Vision

The Mission of Sunshine Gospel Ministries is to seek the renewal of the city through ministries of discipleship, mercy, and justice. We seek to engage and empower youth, families and guests of our community to thrive and lead fruitful, healthy lives through faith, connectedness and opportunity.

Our Values

The Gospel

The core of who we are and what we do as followers of Christ. It is the pathway by which we are able to know and understand who God is and serve as His representation in our community

Radical Hospitality

We are open and welcoming to all by engaging in mutually meaningful relationships that are both transformational and redemptive.

Celebrating Beauty

We acknowledge and celebrate the qualities, attributes and God’s unique design in our community and of all creation.

Restorative Justice

We acknowledge the need for justice that repairs harm caused by wrongdoing and restores relationships.


We work cooperatively together, internally and externally, in setting and achieving goals for the greater good of our community.


We come together with our community in the hope of cultivating flourishing relationships by listening to and learning from each other as we express remorse, forgive, and seek forgiveness.

Fostering Effectiveness

Our goal is to impact all we serve by maximizing resources to develop an environment which fosters excellence and produces demonstrable outcomes.

Our Community

Woodlawn is located on Chicago’s south side, adjacent to Hyde Park and the University of Chicago. The neighborhood has been home to noted authors, playwrights, athletes, and community activists. In the sixties, Woodlawn was at the height of its population, with many businesses, restaurants, and jazz clubs lining busy streets. Today almost all the businesses are gone, along with jobs and opportunities for many families. Beginning on 61st Street, the vision is to catalyze revitalization through reducing violence while creating pathways to opportunity for youth and adults.