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  • Why would I need FCI?
    Sometimes stress, depression, not being able to sleep, not being able to be around family/friends, agitation, not having enough money for necessities etc. can happen a while after experiencing gun violence. Clients that are already linked to counseling, resources, and someone to check in with them for their well-being, allows the process of new barriers to be handled faster and easier.
  • Can I get help if I wasn’t the one shot?
    FCI does assist family members who are indirectly impacted such as a parent, spouse, child, sibling who may now be a caregiver for the victim’s children, provide transportation and care for the victim, or experiencing need for counseling due to the impact of their family being shot etc.
  • What is the Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Act (VCA) paperwork and how does FCI help clients with it?
    The paperwork for this act is from and managed by the Illinois Attorney General’s office to assist victims of gun violence with the expenses of lost wages, funeral and burial, medical/hospital/dental, tattoo removal, relocation, loss of dependent support, tuition loss, crime scene cleanup etc. FCI helps our clients with completing the online application if needed. All correspondence after submission of VCA form is sent to the client’s email from the Illinois Attorney General’s office.
  • Can I get help from FCI if I was shot a year ago?
    Yes, FCI accepts client’s up to two years after they have been shot. Client’s will receive services for one year after they complete the FCI Intake form.

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