Welcome to our resources page!

Here you can find helpful tips and information about engaging with Sunshine (or other non-profits) as a volunteer, supporter, or ministry partner. We hope you find these resources useful.


We have several program areas that are facilitated by full or part-time staff and supported through consistent volunteers. Listed below are our current volunteer opportunities.


Sunshine sees strategic collaboration as a crucial component in producing meaningful outcomes for high impact. We partner with local institutions, churches, and other community organizations to promote engagement in a wide variety of ways. Several of our partners are listed below.


There are many ways to give. While we greatly appreciate financial support, it can be just as powerful to give through time or talent. We encourage interested individuals to talk with us in further detail. We believe it’s important for each person to think and plan carefully about how and why they choose to give. This ultimately leads to deeper relationships and more meaningful engagement. (To find about more about in-kind or other forms of donation, please visit our Giving page).

Current volunteer opportunities:

Youth Outreach Programs

B.R.I.N.G.  – Contact Person Lauren Hamernick – Lauren@sunshinegospel.org

Days – Monday – Thursday

Time – 3:30-6:30pm

Volunteers are needed for our Elementary after-school program held Monday-Thursday from 3:30-6:30pm. Engagement activities include homework help, skills development, stations such as games, cooking class, Bible time and more. We ask that you choose a day (or days) that work for you on a weekly basis to create as much consistency as possible for our kids. A group of about 55 energetic, exuberant, expressive kids on a daily basis, BRING is an excellent opportunity to get to know our youngest community members.

Made 4 More – Contact Person Donnell Williams – Donnell@sunshinegospel.org

Days – Monday- Wednesday

Time – 3:30-6:30

“M4M” is looking for volunteers in two sorts of ways: First, in the typical sort of weekly volunteering, much like Club 252. We ask that you choose a day and commit to it for at least a semester. Activities include homework help, academic skills enrichment, games, teaching time, and field trips. Secondly, we also are looking for further field trip opportunities, specifically to places of employment in interesting industries. (For example, touring a recording studio and learning about the music business; visiting an architectural firm and learning how buildings are designed; touring a metal fabrication plant and learning how car mufflers are made, etc…)

YoungLife – Contact Person Lamar Simms – Lamar@sunshinegospel.org

Days – Wednesdays

Time – 6-8pm

YL is looking for weekly volunteers for our Wednesday evening YoungLife club held at Sunshine from 6-8pm. Weekly activities include building relationships with high school students through games, activities, field trips, Bible time, sports and more. Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to consistent engagement (weekly, bi-weekly, etc..).

Strategic Life Programs

Mentoring Life – Contact Person Arnold Sojourner sojo@sunshinegospel.org

Mentoring Life is looking for individuals interested in opportunities to mentor youth of all ages. Please contact Arnold Sojourner for more information.


Encouraging Service-Learning: Download a BridgeBuilders Promo Kit!

Download our brochure.

Check out this video from the Chalmers Center about the BridgeBuilders experience.