Summertime is time for Making Disciples

For 11-year old Brian Johnson and 10-year-old Ashyia Scott, attending Summer Blast was about becoming disciples.  As they learned under the staff and volunteers of Sunshine Gospel Ministries, they gained a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, the sacrifice he made, and the call he made to go into their communities to make more disciples.  Both pointed to youth staff leader Jeremiah Holmes, who led the games at Summer Blast, as one of their favorites.  “Jeremiah grew up here and he’s making disciples of us now!” said Brian.  

Summer Blast had an average of 49 children ages (6-12) attend the day camp which ran from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Monday-Friday.  They provided education, Bible time, art, and games.  Ashyia said she really enjoyed the math games that Miss Emma led during education time.  “It helped us remember our multiplication facts and was fun!”  Brian loved playing dodgeball in game time and both spoke about how much they learned about Jesus during Bible time.

In addition to the day camp, 48 students attended a week-long overnight camp in Missouri, at Kids Across America (KAA).  “KAA was so awesome,” Brian shared.  “We got to meet kids like us that came from all over the country.”  The camp allowed children to choose an area of focus such as water sports, football, or basketball, etc. They had nightly themed parties, Bible time, and free time as well.  Camp counselors were on hand to talk more in-depth with the children about their relationship with Christ and several students committed their lives to Christ at camp.  

“One night they performed a play about Jesus’ crucifixion and it was so powerful,” shared Ashyia.  “They gave the opportunity for kids to go forward who wanted to commit their lives to Jesus.  If you did, you were able to ring a bell in the center.” Both Ashyia and Brian went forward. They both spoke of how emotional the decision was and how they want to go to their schools and tell others about it.  

Sunshine is thankful for all those who supported through prayers and financially to make summer camp possible for these children.  Continue to pray as they go out and make more disciples and impact their neighborhoods.