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Kimberly Salley

Executive Director

Kimberly Salley was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, is a graduate of Howard University, and worked in Corporate Accounting/Treasury for many years. She received her MBA from Northwestern University. She has served on community and other Nonprofit Boards and held leadership positions in various organizations. Kimberly has been a founding member of two church plants as well as her current church and founded a Christian Non-Profit Organization to advocate for youth in Chicago Heights, IL. Kimberly is currently the Executive Director of Sunshine Gospel Ministries. She is a servant leader who has over 20 years of experience developing, implementing, and running programs for youth and families. As an advocate for equity and justice, she values and considers it a necessary catalyst to engage with community members and leaders to discuss ways to elicit change and sustainability that can eradicate challenges and invoke unity that empowers the implementation of strategies, goals, and plans that will hopefully yield viable and equitable solutions, resources, opportunities, and support in the Woodlawn Community.


Andy Combs

Managing Director,
Operations & Programs

Andy Combs has a diverse career background with expertise in the areas of ministry, pastoral care, financial management, computer programming, and engineering. Andy was an Executive Pastor for a church with a thousand members and thirty employees. This church had a two million dollar operating budget which Andy oversaw. He has served, lived, worshiped, and worked in the Woodlawn area since 2013. He has years of experience in overseeing ministries that serve southside youth, families, and parents. Andy Combs is currently the Managing Director of Operations & Programs and has been employed by Sunshine Gospel Ministries since 2014. Andy oversees and manages Financial Administration, all property and facilities matters, Youth Outreach Programs, the BridgeBuilders Program, and the Familyhood program.

Jennifer Bentley

Jennifer Bentley

Senior Accountant
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Gwen Grey

Human Recourse Generalist

Jennifer Bentley is the Senior Accountant for Sunshine Gospel Ministries. She is responsible for all accounting needs of the organization, including working with our auditors, and our sister organization, Sunshine Enterprises. Jennifer is happy to use her spiritual gift of organization for the betterment of nonprofits. Jennifer enjoys the work environment at Sunshine, where everyone is seeking to serve others. She loves Sunshine’s core values of Radical Hospitality and Fostering Effectiveness. Jennifer strives to welcome, train, and serve others to the best of her ability. Outside of work, she enjoys discovering new areas of the city on bike rides with her husband. Other pastimes include hiking in nature, playing board games, reading, and watching science fiction shows.

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Kayla Williams

Project Manager

Kayla Williams is the Project Manager for Sunshine Gospel Ministries. Her focus is on the Housing Equity Initiative Program and the revitalization projects in Woodlawn. Kayla Williams has a certificate in Housing and Urban Development and has started her own nonprofit. She desires to help people and to be a servant of her community. She loves that Sunshine provides her with a meaningful, fulfilling work position. Kayla desires to continue to bless nonprofits and make them better through her work. She loves the sense of community at Sunshine and that everyone is working for the cause. Kayla loves watching TV, going to plays, seeing movies, and exploring Chicago through its food scene.



Trenton Blythe

Director, Development & External Relations

Trenton Blythe is the Director of Development and External Relations at Sunshine. He is responsible for leading the team of staff that is focused on securing funding and strengthening the brand awareness of Sunshine. He is very proud of seeing Sunshine’s funding pool diversify from mostly individuals to now an equal representation of individuals and institutions. Trenton deeply values collaboration, and he continually lends his development expertise to organizations that uplift and empower communities like Woodlawn. Outside of work, Trenton spends most of his time hanging out with his wife and two young kids. If he is not doing that, you will find him gardening, playing golf, reading, or finding new places to eat around the city.


Piper Graham

Grants & Institutional
Giving Manager

Piper Graham is the Grants and Institutional Giving Manager. She is responsible for overseeing all grant activity and institutional giving at Sunshine. Piper Graham is a constant learner, a self-starter, and a detailed writer. Piper holds her Bachelor’s in Urban Studies and Biblical and Theological Studies from Wheaton College. She is excited by the opportunity to bring financial resources to the Woodlawn community and support a multi-faceted community development center. She dreams of one day receiving her Grants Professional Certification, getting a master’s in Nonprofit Administration, and writing a book. Piper is on the Mercy Team and Worship Team at Living Hope Church in Woodlawn. She enjoys exploring different cities, finding new coffee shops, and reading in the areas of theology, psychology, and sociology.

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Bria Rodgers

Marketing & Communications

Bria Rodgers has a strong background in Marketing and Communications. She has her bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Loyola University. She strives to bring fresh ideas and a spirit of collaboration to her work at Sunshine. She hopes to increase the visibility of Sunshine’s name on digital platforms. She loves working in an environment where all staff are like-minded in their relationship with God. One day, she hopes to move up the career ladder. Outside of work, you can find her trying out a new restaurant or spending time with friends or her cute dog.



Taryn Fears

Youth Outreach

Taryn J. Fears has worked in the non-profit youth services arena for more than 10 years and continues to build culturally responsive direct service teams which develop relevant and supportive programming for urban youth and families. Currently serving as the Youth Outreach Director for Sunshine Gospel Ministries located in Chicago, IL, overseeing all out-of-school time programming, she is passionate about providing safe spaces for children and young adults to learn, grow, and thrive while broadening their horizons. Taryn Fears has worked professionally within other faith-based organizations such as the YMCA and Catholic Charities while also serving in youth and adult outreach ministries through her local church congregation. She is dedicated to serving others in ways that create long-lasting positive impact. Working to complete a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership, she hopes to continue building direct service organizations focused on meeting young people where they are and helping empower them to have a rewarding and boundless future.

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Charles Purham

Program Manager, High School 

Charles Purnham is the Program Manager for High School students. Charles has thirteen years of experience serving young people all over the state of Illinois. Previously, he was the Club Director for a Boys and Girls Club. He has experience in working with the Department of Children and Family Services to create policy change that reflects the needs of youth. He is excited about being able to lead Bible lessons with Sunshine youth and talk openly about his faith. In his work, Charles is mindful to demonstrate care for others and lead others with a servant-leader mentality. He desires to use his skills and abilities to enhance Sunshine’s capacity to serve the Woodlawn community, design programs that serve individuals of all ages, and to organize communities to have a voice to create change. Outside of work, Charles plays the drums, enjoys live music, travels to new cities, and serves people.

Australia Anderson

Elementary School
Program Coordinator

Australia Anderson is the Co-Coordinator for the Elementary School Program at Sunshine Gospel Ministries. She is responsible for planning the curriculum for Sunshine’s youth on a day-to-day basis. She is proud that she helped facilitate a youth dance team at Sunshine and loves to collaborate. She says that the kids at Sunshine are the reason she is committed to her work at Sunshine, and she hopes to have long-term relationships with those she mentors here at Sunshine. Australia has a Liberal Arts Degree from Kennedy-King College and her bachelor’s in Law from Roosevelt University. She is currently pursuing a degree from Northwestern University in Dental. With her law degree, she uses her skills to advocate for children. She dreams of serving youth as a pediatric dentist in the future. Outside work, she goes to the gym, hangouts with friends, spends time with her son, and creates content for her YouTube channel.

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Keturah Phillips

Program Coordinator, Middle  School 

Keturah Phillips is the Middle School Program Coordinator at Sunshine. With a passion for mission and vision, Keturah is driven to train and empower young people, guiding them on the right path. She brings creativity and innovation to her role, constantly seeking new ways to enhance programs and systems. Keturah has five years of experience serving youth in Sunday School settings and an after-school program in Cabrini Green. Keturah received recognition for Servant of the Year twice in her previous role at By the Hand Club for Kids. One of her life postures is to build up each person that she meets and be a positive influence in the lives of others. At Sunshine, Keturah looks forward to coordinating a quarterly showcase of students’ projects and artwork, celebrating their accomplishments, and fostering greater parent involvement, teacher connection, and student participation. In her personal time, she cherishes moments spent with her family and finds joy in watching movies, enjoying brunch with friends, sitting by the water in God’s creation, and expanding her professional network. She dreams of one day starting a youth ministry in Chicago where she would facilitate youth transportation to church.

Mariah Price

Elementary School
Program Coordinator

Mariah Price is our Elementary Programs Co-Coordinator. She is responsible for planning the curriculum, overseeing the kids Sunshine serves, planning parent engagement events, and coordinating discipleship programs outside of program hours. Mariah is passionate about the mentorship and discipleship component of Sunshine’s programming. She deeply values empathy in her work, her one-on-one connections with kids, and the implementation of programs with a socioemotional emphasis. She believes every child needs someone to walk alongside them. Mariah is a first-generation college graduate who holds a Bachelor’s in Counseling. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in School Counseling. Outside of work, she loves to hang out with friends and family, shop, and eat all types of food. She loves music and aspires to learn to play the drums.

Jeremiah Holmes

Middle School
Programs Coordinator

Jeremiah Holmes is Sunshine’s Middle School Program Coordinator. He is responsible for coordinating program stations, assisting program assistants/volunteers, and getting all the details together for our middle school program. Jeremiah is excited by the opportunity to create memories with Sunshine’s middle school students. He loves creatively facilitating fun activities that get the youth excited to come back to Sunshine. Jeremiah sees Sunshine as a family. He loves that most Youth Outreach staff were involved in Sunshine while they were growing up. Jeremiah is passionate about mentorship and eager to see future leaders at Sunshine come from our programs. He dreams of creating a more formalized basketball program for Sunshine youth, and he desires to step into facilitating the basketball program full-time. Outside of work, he likes to play basketball, see movies, try new food, work out, and podcast.


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Sasha Simmons

Director, Outreach

Sasha Simmons is the Director of the Outreach. She supervises the team of Familyhood Facilitators who provide educational sessions, and she provides encouragement to families through one on ones that are a time of emotional support and providing needed resources. Additionally, she oversees the efforts of the Flourishing Community Initiative. She has worked with children and families for over a decade and is excited to see Sunshine expand its programmatic offering. Sasha aims to meet people right where they are in life with grace and love. Sasha was part of an accelerated advanced standing master’s degree program, and she holds her master’s and bachelor’s in Social Work. She desires to become licensed as a Master Level Social Worker and be able to provide therapeutic sessions to individuals and families that Sunshine serves. Outside of work, she loves to watch movies, entertain, be with friends, travel, and spend time with her husband and one-year-old son.

Donnell Williams

Intervention Specialist, FCI

Jayla Ferrill

BridgeBuilders Manager

Donnell Williams serves as our Violence Intervention Specialist for Flourishing Community Initiative. He is responsible for building trust with individuals and families who have experienced the tragedy of gun violence. He shares needed resources with community members and is heavily involved in community engagement. Donnell has served with Sunshine for ten years, and his desire to be intentional with meeting people where they have motivated his work. Donnell is a member of the Formerly Incarcerated Person Committee at the Workers Center for Racial Justice and a Community Ambassador for the Chicago Park Districts (Grand Crossing). He is a proud resident of southeast Chicago. Donnell has a huge passion for advocating for returning citizens and speaking up for the voiceless. He has his clothing line and podcast. He is a lover of music, fashion, basketball, movies, and food.

Sunshine Gospel Ministries

The Mission of Sunshine Gospel Ministries is to seek the renewal of the city through ministries of discipleship, mercy, and justice.

500 E 61st St,

Chicago, IL 60637

(773) 904-9800

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