Sports and Games Intern General Expectations

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General Expectations
  • Attend two-week orientation and Youth Outreach Program Planning (June 8-19) 
  • Attend Morning Bible Study (8:00a-8:30a) and Afternoon Debrief (3:30p-4:00p)
  • Greet Students upon arrival every morning
  • Keep classroom clean and organized
  • Supervise children in classroom, in large group and on field trips
    • Be aware of surroundings to proactively avert potential issues 
    • Address children’s concerns, behaviors and incidents
    • Intervene if students are having significant behavior issues
    • Monitor Health and Safety of all Students (CPR/First Aid Certification & Mandated Reporter Training)
    • Ensure there is at least one adult present in a room when children are present
    • Staff and/or volunteers are not to be left alone with a single child
  • Maintain positive and professional attitude
  • Participate in all large group activities, regardless of who is leading
  • Intentionally build positive relationships with parents (phone, text, or in person)
  • Develop Positive Relationships with Staff, Interns, Worklife Students and BridgeBuilder Volunteers in order to utilize their gifts most effectively
  • Attend Kids Across America Camp (July 11-18, 2020)
  • Communicate issues to program directors as they arise
  • Keep storage rooms neat and orderly
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Plan age appropriate activities that keep children active and help them develop skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Incorporate summer/weekly themes into the planning of lessons and games
  • Use Group Management Skills to Engage all children in daily activities
  • Have awareness of students’ needs and a flexibility to switch gears if necessary
  • Continuous self-learning and implementation of new games for game time