Kids on the Character of God

Our youngest students shared their experience at Sunshine Gospel Ministries. Speaking with the rare confidence only a child can muster, they outline their time at Sunshine Gospel’s 252 program. 252 is specifically tailored for students attending 2nd through 5th grades and has been recently expanded to include the 1st grade. Here is a story of 252 students’ introduction to Sunshine and their impressions of God.


Laniah has learned what it means to live a “God lifestyle”


Kishae, has been coming to Sunshine for 3-4 years, she likes it because it is a “good way for kids to learn about God”. Her description of the character of God is that he tells the truth, never tells a lie, He wants to know about us and He goes on and on.

Laniah has also been impacted by the time she has spent with the teachers at Sunshine. She is proud of the many things she has learned about God. Laniah has learned what it means to live a “God lifestyle”. Laniah feels she has been changed by the environment at Sunshine. Her favorite verses to recite are John 3:16 and Genesis 1 which she recites with the gusto of a seasoned vet. She explains “There are happy people at Sunshine, seeing people happy makes me smile”.

David, has found since coming to 252 he sees people respect God. Also that God is our Father and He loves and respects us. He knows he’s getting better because David is learning to get along better with others.

Aaliyah, 11, has seen her grades impacted positively. She’s gone from C’s and D’s last year to A’s and B’s on her report card this year. Additionally, Takira, also 11, remains buoyant and thankful for the help she receives with her education. She also loves the afterschool programs and the games they get to play.