Youth growing in Christ while building assets.

Through our Youth Outreach programs, we serve hundreds of youth each year, from elementary to high school, helping them grow in Christ while developing the assets needed to flourish.  

Research-based results.

Our programs draw from research on the 40 Developmental Assets ®, a list of key assets every child needs to avoid risky behaviors and succeed. This evidence-based approach is shown to help young people perform better in school, form safe and positive relationships with peers, and equip parents to engage more effectively.

Safety and Support.

Youth are provided high levels of love and support through engaging in positive communication, relationship and school involvement from their families, teachers, and communities. Additionally, youth feel safe through being provided clear boundaries and expectations.

Commitment to Learning.

Youth demonstrate a strong commitment to learning by focusing on high academic achievement, completing homework, and building reading, math, and social skills. Additionally, youth place a high value on integrity, honesty, and taking personal responsibility.


Youth have high self-esteem and the confidence to plan and make decisions. They have a positive outlook on the future, engage in service in their community, and display a strong cultural and spiritual identity.

Getting to college.

Through our Strategic Life initiatives, we’re helping young people get to college and start on the pathway to success as adults. This starts with targeting ways to help reduce violence while promoting opportunity.

Youths that are not in school or not working are among the most susceptible to violence. This makes summer one of the most critical times for providing opportunities for young people to work. Additionally, once teens graduate high school, it becomes imperative to provide guidance and clear direction as they enter into adulthood.

Violence Reduction.

Teens that participate in our Work Life program are far less likely to be involved in high-risk activities or exposure to violence during the summer. In fact, research demonstrates that providing a summer job for a teen decreases their likelihood of exposure to violence by 40%.

College enrollment.

Teens and young adults that participate in a summer job through Work Life will typically go on to apply for college in the fall. Of those eligible, 55% end up enrolling in a 2 or 4-year program.

Continuing Education.

Once enrolled, our College Life program supports and encourages students to continue their education. 89% of College Life participants end up returning for their second year.

Youth who have higher levels of Developmental Assets are much less likely to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors. Examples include drugs, alcohol, anti-social behavior, depression, truancy, and violence.

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We’re committed to creating real impact. That’s why we’re continuing our focus on building capacity to serve youth and families while demonstrating clear and measurable outcomes. We’re grateful for your support as we seek the renewal of the community through our strategic initiatives.