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Housing Equity Initiative Empowers Woodlawn Families To Build Generational Wealth

Our History

Building a House

In Fall of 2021, Sunshine launched a new program to address these disparities within our Woodlawn community. The Housing Equity Initiative focuses on 3 areas of emphasis - retention, ownership, and revitalization aimed at supporting our neighbors in building assets for their families and investments in their community.


"We recognize that housing insecurity, high rents, and outstanding tax bills strain the quality of life for many African American homeowners. Homeownership is fundamental to family stability, health, and legacy/generational wealth creation, and we are striving, with collaborative efforts, to make this a reality." - Kimberly Salley, Executive Director

Tax Sale Benevolence Program

There are 20th Ward families that could lose their homes in Cook County's next property tax sale in early January 2024. In response to this urgent need, Sunshine Gospel Ministries has a Tax Sale Benevolence Program (TSP) in partnership with Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas. 


At no charge to you and no repayment needed, we provide a gift of benevolence to help you catch up on your outstanding 2022 property taxes, along with other support services. The goal is to prevent homeowners who have fallen behind on property tax payments from entering a downward financial spiral that can result in the loss of their homes — and the generational wealth they were building.


In addition to paying back taxes, Sunshine and The B.L.O.C.K. Movement will help homeowners with financial literacy, wealth creation, and estate planning.

For More Information, Email Kayla Williams

Sustaining & Creating Truly Affordable Housing

HEI is increasing the desirability of Woodlawn by assisting current homeowners with taxes in arrears, fines, and necessary repairs, providing down payment assistance and guidance in the home search and purchasing process, restoring vacant properties for thriving family environments, and creating additional affordable housing options, thereby establishing a sustainable pathway for low-income individuals to remain in Woodlawn. Through increasing homeowner density in Woodlawn, HEI hopes it will attract the return of robust small business activity as well as improved economic activity and investment, both privately and publicly.  

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What We Offer


For families that own their homes but owe back taxes, the Tax Sale Benevolence Program is able to financially assist so their homes are not lost to the Tax Sale. Since the inception of the program in 2021, we have assisted with 3 tax sales and we are preparing families for the 2024 tax and scavenger sale in January.


Working with community partners, we offer mortgage and financial literacy building classes that flow into a down payment assistance program for individuals and families throughout Woodlawn who seek to own a home in our community and build their generational wealth.


There are currently many vacant properties in the Woodlawn community. Through our efforts to rehabilitate existing homes as well as build truly affordable housing on current land, we are investing in the long-term viability of the neighborhood.


2022 Median
Household Net Worth

There is an enormous disparity between the wealth of Black and white Americans. According to the 2022 Survey of Consumer Finances, the median white household has a net worth of $285,000 10 times the net worth of the median Black household, $44,900

Chicagoland Metro
Homeownership Comparison

In Chicagoland Metro, 44% of black families own homes compared to 73% of white families.  In Woodlawn, only 24% of the predominantly black community own their homes, while 76% rent.  
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Executive Director, Sunshine Gospel Ministries
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Project Manager
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