“What is the cost of the week?”

Our weekly cost is $385 per person. If you will be here for fewer than five days, you may be eligible for a price discount. For further details on any point, contact us.

“What does that cost cover?”

The cost covers meals, lodging, and all elements of the service-learning experience (like guest speakers, planned activities, and so on). The cost does not cover transportation to and from our site nor any activities outside of the planned agenda (like sightseeing, restaurants, or other tourist activities). Feel free to plan time for these, just separately from our time together.

“Where will we be staying?”

You may stay on-site at our facility or with one of our community partners. We partner with churches and other organizations to provide space for sleeping, showering, and for general down time.

“Will we/my child be safe?”

Given the sensationalized media depictions of South Chicago, it is
natural that safety concerns comprise the bulk of parental and
organizational fear about coming to Chicago. However, by taking
essential steps to reduce risk such as providing initial orientations for
leaders and all participants, having on-site staff, and possessing specific
local knowledge, BridgeBuilders has never had an incident with personal
safety of our visiting teams. There have been uncomfortable
moments, but our staff works very carefully to prioritize the safety of all
of our staff, children and guests. In fact, we are excited to provide your
team with an inside perspective on the true nature of our community that
just cannot be communicated through sound bites.

“Will we partner with anyone?”

Your team will be serving in one of two ways; 1) Directly with Sunshine, helping us to empower our programs, renovate a new ministry space or in some other tangible and meaningful way. 2) It is also possible that you may be asked to serve with our neighbors, helping to empower and assist them in their local ministries. These partnerships have all been vetted by Sunshine and are dear to us. Service opportunities include but are not limited to construction/demolition, youth outreach programs (sports camps, VBS, etc…). We strive to ensure that every service opportunity is valuable to us as well as to your student.

“Are we able to alter the schedule in any way?”

Our schedule and each experience are carefully crafted to optimize the learning environment for your student. We strongly recommend that every participant be fully involved in each experience for the week in order to have the most meaningful time possible. However, we are willing to be flexible where necessary and will carefully consider any requested accommodation. (We will, of course, accommodate dietary or physical restrictions as necessary, provided that we are made aware of such).

“Will we need transportation while in Chicago?”

Yes. In addition to the transportation needed to arrive, your team will need sufficient transportation to drive to various portions of the city at various points throughout the week. Driving while here primarily consists of travelling to and from Service and Listening opportunity sites. We recommend 12-15 passenger vans as they allow for greater flexibility in larger groups. Using a bus (charter, school etc…) is also plausible, though not our primary recommendation.

“Will any other groups be joining us?”

Depending on the week, this is a distinct possibility. We often host multiple groups at once and have found that it generally works really well. For specifics on your particular week, please get in contact with us.

“Can we set up a long-term partnership with Sunshine?”

Absolutely! We would love to discuss options for partnering in a long-term manner with you. If this is a question you are considering, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Can we attend a local church service?”

Yes! Provided that you arrive in time on Sunday morning, we would be glad to connect you to a local church with whom you can worship.

“What is Sunshine’s address again?”

500 E 61st Street, Chicago IL, 60637. There is parking available on both sides of the street as well as a parking lot owned by Sunshine.