BridgeBuilders at the Urbana 15 Conference

BridgeBuilders is off to a dynamic year as the team for the first time attended the Urbana15 conference, held triennially in St. Louis, MO. Urbana15 gave the program an opportunity to interact with nearly twenty thousand college students, like-minded organizations and philanthropic leaders across North America.  Prior to the conference, Jared Hammernick, Director of BridgeBuilders shared the program’s philosophy of doing missional work in the following Urbana blog.  The blog eloquently reiterates the mission of the organization which is to facilitate the development of relationships between disconnected populations for the purpose of restoration. Jared has expressed gratitude and excitement about the new possibilities for the program- “ Exhibiting at any conference, much less one of this size, is still new to us, but we hope that it will allow us to better promote BridgeBuilders and touch more lives in the process.”