BridgeBuilders helps to connect people from different backgrounds to promote a shared understanding of the challenges facing inner-city communities. Those from an outside context typically hear and see mostly negative portrayals of the inner city, often contributing to unhelpful labeling and misguided interactions. We believe the giftedness of the community is more clearly seen through fostering healthy, meaningful experiences that combine learning with active engagement.


BB online uses the teaching content of our in-person trips on the online platform of Zoom. This allows for our groups to learn with us from any location!

Shalom & The City.

This lesson focuses on the Biblical aspect of Shalom and the racial history of Chicago.

Economic Poverty.

Who are the poor? In this lesson, we seek to expand the definition of poverty with a Biblical lens.

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Just Mercy.

What does it mean to be a just and merciful Christian? This lesson compares Ferguson and the recent events around the murder of George Floyd.

American Son.

This lesson focuses on the socialization of whites in America. Why do white people struggle to talk about race explicitly?


Join CW Allen as he sits down with various guests to talk about life, faith, race, and justice.


CW Allen

Director, BridgeBuilders

Piper Graham

BridgeBuilders Coordinator