About Us

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Our mission statement stems directly from the words of Jeremiah, “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you… , pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” In the original language, the term welfare reads Shalom. The biblical concept of Shalom denotes a recognition that there is brokenness in the world and that things are in need of restoration. Jesus’ work on the cross becomes a calling to his followers to respond to this brokenness and injustice. We do this in faith knowing all things are being reconciled to the way are supposed to be.

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Our vision comes from the calling in our mission to ministries of discipleship, mercy, and justice.

Discipleship– Jesus said, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples (John 8:31).” Discipleship begins with knowing and understanding the truth of God to offer whole, abundant life.

Mercy– We are reminded in the gospel that God saved us, not because of our own righteousness, but because of his mercy (Titus 3:5). This means that the blessing of human flourishing is available to everyone.

Justice– We respond to God’s mercy by actively seeking justice (Amos 5:24) and restoration of individuals, families, and communities, particularly along social and economic lines.

Our Values

The Gospel

We believe in the good news of Jesus Christ to bring healing, wholeness, and abundant life in all its aspects.


We believe reconciling people to God and people to one another is central to the gospel and for breaking down barriers of race and ethnicity and promoting justice.


We believe true community reflects the beauty, diversity, safety, and prosperity of God’s kingdom and invites us to cultivate an earthly reflection of that heavenly reality.


We believe work is necessary for human flourishing and that when work and opportunity are absent the result is broken families and disinvested communities.

Thought Leadership

We believe minds and hearts are transformed through education and teaching along with immersive experiences that cultivate spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth.


We believe everyone has gifts, talents, and skills to bring about meaningful change and that working together creates lasting impact.

Our Goals

Through our Youth Outreach programs, we serve over 200 youth each year, from elementary to high school, helping them grow in Christ while developing the assets needed to flourish.

Through our Strategic Life programs, we help teens and young adults acquire the skills needed to build positive relationships, avoid risky behaviors, and plan strategically for the future.

Through our Familyhood program, we empower parents, adults, and families to cultivate safe, supportive environments where young people can thrive.

Through our BridgeBuilders program, we foster healthy relationships and reciprocity between urban and suburban communities, thereby building a holistic framework for engaging in social justice.