Sunshine Enterprises

Launching and Growing Businesses to Create Brighter Communities.

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With a vision of creating 200 businesses along 61st Street, Sunshine Enterprises offers a range of services to local business owners and entrepreneurs in the area, including:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Cultivating a sound business model
  • Comprehensive business training programs
  • An advisory panel of seasoned marketplace professionals
  • Links to a network of business coaches and mentors
  • Access to technology

Community Business Academy

The Community Business Academy is a 12-week course designed to take individuals through the process of developing their business model. Utilizing an established curriculum along with  a proven model for success, the academy teaches entrepreneurs what it takes to create, capture, and deliver value to customers and clients. In conjunction with developing a sound business plan, understanding the changing nature of business models is key to sustainability.

Partnering with you in the journey

Being an entrepreneur is tough. The demands of not only keeping a business running but trying to grow can cause tremendous strain on both personal and professional relationships. Having someone you can go to in order to ask key questions is a critical part in helping manage stress and anxiety. Participants in the academy receive not only excellent teaching from engaging instructors and dynamic guest speakers, they also receive unique opportunities to form lasting relationships with a growing network of seasoned business mentors and coaches who can offer support along the journey.

To find out how you can apply, call 773.904.9800. (ext. 300).